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Company Overview

Celltrion Healthcare is a South Korean company that has become a global leader in
biologics manufacturing. We have done this by developing biosimilars to patients around
the world. We have achieved many great milestones along our journey. We will
continue to develop, produce, and distribute a stable supply of biopharmaceuticals –both
through our global partners, and under our own brand name.


Celltrion is a combination of the terms “cell” in our body and “Triones,” a guiding star that is also known
as the Big Dipper. The name of our company conveys our will to promote the health and welfare of humanity
by becoming a “guiding star” in the bio industry. We, Celltrion Healthcare, always work hard to achieve our dream of “rewriting the world bio-history.” We will exert all efforts to create a richer and healthier future for humanity that emphasizes the significance of coexistence and prosperity.

Core Values

We hire people who think outside the box, are creative, and solution-oriented. 전구모양 이미지
Compliance with Principles
We hold ourselves to high ethical standards, and strive to maintain confidence and trust. 퍼즐모양 아이콘
The Spirit of Challenge
We are committed to overcoming all challenges in our path. 산과 정상의 깃발 이미지
The Pursuit to Be the World’s Best
We strive to be leaders through professionalism and competence. 1등을 의미하는 월계관과 숫자 1 이미지

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